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6 m Repeater
 70 cm Repeater


(Currently OFF AIR)
70cm FM voice repeater

Frequencies: 433.325MHz input, 438.325MHz output
Access Tones:
  None required for access.
123Hz CTCSS on output can be used for tone squelch.

Power: 25 Watts
Antennas: 4 dipole vertical omnidirectional array
Radio: Aging Philips FM815 series crystal locked RX and TX
Controller: Home Brew 8748 microprocessor based

IRLP node 6350
(Click here for current node status)

Echolink node 140587

Send DTMF '73' to disconnect after use!

+ Please check that the repeater is not in use BEFORE using IRLP or Echolink.
+ Always announce your callsign and intention to make an Internet connection BEFORE opening a connection.
+ Users must identify themselves by announcing their callsign once a connection is made.
+ The system chops off the first and last second of each over -
please wait 2 seconds after key up before talking, and wait 2 seconds before releasing PTT at end of each over.

+ IRLP and Echolink must not be used to extend an amateur's operating privileges where the node is located.
+ Always check that the remote node's output frequency falls within your licence conditions.

+ Third party traffic is permitted only if there is an agreement between Australia and any other country involved.
+ Repeat CQ calls more than once if no answer - often people are listening but need time to reach the microphone!

For more information on IRLP visit the IRLP web site at www.irlp.net
For more information on Echolink visit www.echolink.org

The VK3RMH amateur radio repeater serves the outer
North-Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

VK3RMH is owned and operated by the NERG - the North East Radio Group, Inc.
NERG is a group of amateurs interested in the friendly and fun aspects of amateur radio activities.

For more information, please send email to: vk3rmhAT symbol nerg.asn.au
North East Radio Group, Inc.  Melbourne, Australia.  updated 4 Nov 2012 vk3byy
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