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6 meter CW beacon

Morse ID message (sent as two ID's alternating each 35 seconds for a 70 second cycle time):
VK3RMH MELB QF22OH (followed by 5 seconds of  carrier),
VK3RMH WWW.NERG.ASN.AU  (followed by 5 seconds of  carrier)

Frequency: 50.295 MHz 
Last frequency calibration: 50.295020 MHz (on 14/12/2008)
Power:  10 Watts CW
Antenna: Omnidirectional 1/2 wave horizontal
Antenna location: Mounted on Northern side of 20m free-standing tower at 10m
Transmitter: Modified Philips FM828/E transmitter
Frequency control:
Temperature controlled crystal
Controller: Home Brew 8048 series microprocessor

Maidenhead grid locator: QF22OH
Latitude: -37.7o  Longitude: 145.2o

This beacon is provided as a continuous source of signals for the study of radio propagation,
 for the indication of band conditions and openings,
and for the alignment and calibration of receivers and antennas.

This beacon was constructed from an antenna and transmitter donated by club members.
The beacon controller uses i8741 single chip microprocessor that was recovered from an original IBM PC keyboard.

The beacon was off air 5-23 December 2007 (approx.) for repairs due to beacon operating intermittently in preceding months during warm weather.
The beacon was off air from 21/10/2008-14/12/2008 due to various faults.
The beacon was moved from the Wattle Glen tower in November 2012.

VK3RMH is owned and operated by the NERG - the North East Radio Group, Inc.
NERG is a group of amateurs interested in the friendly and fun aspects of amateur radio activities.

For more information, please send email to: vk3rmhAT symbolnerg.asn.au
Page updated 4 November 2012 VK3BYY