Report of the 2002 Victorian Foxhunting Championships

The 2002 championships were conducted by the VK3YQN team and a number of helpers. The following is a report as seen by one of the teams (not the winners!) The hunts were well thought out and once it was ascertained that it was not a 4WD event access to most of the transmitters was possible from a 2WD with a sniffer. The catering was excellent and a really good time was had by all who attended - our thanks to the YQN team and those who assisted.


1300 Hunt 1 Foxhunt 145.700 MHz

From the start location a quick run back towards Pakenham and then off down a side road near a railway line and a housing estate - we went well past the fox and dropped out one runner, once again we went past where the fox was and could see no way into the spot then down a court we found a track leading behind the houses and beside the railway - despatched a runner who found the fox and the first runner


1340 Hunt 2 Foxhunt 439.000 MHz, 52.100 MHz, 28.450 MHz, fixed order

First leg looked to be in a similar direction to event 1 and turned out to be much further down the same side road a turn to the right saw the road deteriorate into a FWD track with wheel ruts and overgrown bush on both sides. At this stage the Commodore was complaining (surgery at the car hospital later in week repaired damaged exhaust and tailshaft) as was the driver! After assurances that the next spots were easy to drive to we headed off towards the 6M transmitter. This was east of the first, As it turns out we drove straight past the location but were fooled by the fact that there was no track on the railway easement and so drove in a huge circle around the transmitter - later advice from other teams was not to try to drive in as there were large potholes - this came from a 4WD team (actually all other teams were in 4WDs). Luckily for us the fox had moved from their original hiding spot and were visible from the road. Ten metre signal was weak and after following advice from other teams we finally got within hearing distance and located the fox in a field in the middle of an estate under construction.


1500 Afternoon Tea

Good stuff and very welcome!


1520 Hunt 3 Foxhunt 3.585 MHz, 1296 MHz, 28.450 MHz, 145.700 MHz, 439.000 MHz, hunt in any order. The foxes will be turned off no later than 1740.

Due to problems with the 10M signal there were two 2 metre legs - we hunted these first and found one reasonably close to the start, the other was a long way away and required negotiation of the local freeway which seemed to be in the wrong direction - the navigators were correct and off we went. Next we decided to look for 80 Metres and this was a long way south east of the second 2 Metre unit. After much driving we finally found Jack VK3WWW and gave the ABS a good work out! 439 was the next objective and after some confusion we managed to locate this transmitter just in time. 4 transmitters was not too bad and we had not heard the 1296 signal at all! During this hunt I discovered that I had not loaded all the maps that were needed into the GPS computer so for some bits of these hunts we were 'between maps'. This goes to show that the navigators need to keep their paper map skills up to scratch! Problems with the power supply for the two lap-tops also meant that the navigation and signal strength computers were off the air on a number of occasions. This gives us some work to do before the next event!


1800 Hunt 4 Sniffer Hunt, 145.700 MHz

Roger was hiding under a pile of freshly cut pine tree and was found reasonably quickly by several teams.


1820 Dinner Spit roast, vegies, salads, desserts.

What a great feed - excellent - we will let them run this sort of event again!


1930 Hunt 5 Foxhunt 145.700 MHz, 439.000 MHz, 52.100MHz, 28.450 MHz, 144.250 MHz, hunt in fixed order

The first two legs were reasonably straight forward as long as you remembered to bypass the railway underpass near the 439 leg! This was antenna wrecking territory! Unfortunately we could not hear a thing on the 6 metre leg - following advice from other teams and the fox we ended up driving within a KM but still did not hear anything. We eventually swapped for 10 metres and then found exactly the same again - after a hour or so of frustration we swapped to 2 metres and hunted the last leg.


We returned to the venue for and excellent supper and the presentation of the results, trophy and prizes, our team secured two third places and 4th overall have a look at the RESULTS.




Greg VK3VT


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