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NERG - The North East Radio Group (logo) Club Callsign:  VK3CNE
WEB:  www.nerg.asn.au
Email:  contact (at) nerg.asn.au
Postal:  Box 270,  Greensborough,  Victoria, 3088,  AUSTRALIA
Incorporated 1985, Reg No A0006776V,   Affiliated with the Wireless Institute of Australia.
Meetings:  Briar Hill Community Hall, 126 Mountain View Rd,
Briar Hill, Victoria, AUSTRALIA  (Melway map 21-C3)

The NERG is an amateur radio club operating in the North East Suburbs of Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia.
The club runs a number of activities for prospective and practicing radio amateurs including:
social and technical meetings, classes and license exams, field days, contests, radio direction finding, fox hunts, and more!
Meetings are generally held on the second Thursday of each month from 7:45 PM, with coffee shop nights on the fourth Thursday.

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Club meetings & events:


February 2015:

Thursday 12th - NERG meeting, John VK3CU on an Overview of Broadband Satellite in Australia
Our Guest Speaker is John Griffin (VK3CU) who will present an Overview of Broadband Satellite in Australia, covering some background on satellite technology in general, the evolution of broadband satellite in Australia and a look into the future with the development of NBN broadband satellite.

John worked for Telstra for 32 years in the engineering areas of customer access network, cable TV and satellite before retirement in 2013.
For his last 15 years he worked as part of the Domestic Satellite Engineering Team rising to managing the Team.
Engineering responsibilities were primarily focusing on servicing remote Australia providing, Broadband, Telephony, Data and Backhaul services.
John has held an amateur radio licence for 35 years.

This should be a very interesting talk. Visitors are always welcome.
Meeting held at the Briar Hill Hall 126 Mountain View Rd, Briar Hill - Melway 21C3

Thursday 26th - NERG Coffee Shop night 7.30pm-10.30pm (approximately)
Drop in for an informal meeting of club members and enjoy a cuppa.
Show off your latest toys and home brew creations, or get advice on something that needs fixing.
Or maybe you'd like to play with the radios and make some DX contacts, or simply enquire into
become a licensed amateur radio operator.

Tuesday 24th - Tuesday Group:
The next gainfully unemployed group meeting from 10am at a QTH to be announced. Please RSVP to Jim.

Coming soon - John Moyle Field Day - 21& 22 March 2015
see http://www.wia.org.au/members/contests/johnmoyle

All other Thursday nights - NERG NET 146.575 MHz FM
8.30pm-9.30pm local time
Radio net for NERG members and visitors run by VK3CNE. Tune in to 146.575MHz FM to share all the news and activities with the NERG.


Click on the calendar items below for further event information:

NERG Information, Newsletters, Activities and Services

  Wireless Institute of Australia - NERG is a WIA affiliated club

  Join the NERG for only $30/year, simply fill out our  NERG membership form and send it in! 

  Class details - for those interested in getting licensed

  Contacting the NERG - send us a query

  Radio exams - we have foundation training sessions and run exams for all amateur licenses

  Latest NERG Newsletter - November 2014 edition  and 
  the NERG NEWS newsletter archives

  Transmitter hunting- What's it all about?  "Fox"-hunts, ARDF,  Radio-O & Radio Orienteering events

  Web-mail log-in for members - 'userid' is your complete e-mail address. Click here for notes on using NERG e-mail

  Australian Transmitter Foxhunt Championships held annually at Mount Gambier on Queens Birthday weekends.

  The John Moyle Field Day contest - 2009  and 2007 stations.

  2009 Victorian Foxhunt Championships report

  VK3RMH repeaters and beacons - NOTE: Our beacons, Repeaters, and Packet systems are currently off-air, awaiting relocation to a new site.
IRLP node 6350, Echolink node 140587 & VK3CNE the NERG packet node.

  ARDF Events - Amateur Radio Direction Finding events 

Slides from VT's short DX presentation at the Nov. 2011 meeting.

The Solar power comparison spreadsheet from Greg VK3VT's talk on solar power in November 2009..
  Software Library  YagiCAD6 Antenna Designer, EPROMs for programming RT85A and FM92 / FM900 radios to the ham bands, etc..

  MEMBER LINKS - look at our member's home pages

 Interesting web links page 

Meeting Location

The NERG meets at the Briar Hill Community Centre.

Briar Hill Hall photoThe Banyule Council has generously made this hall available to the NERG for regular meetings and provides NERG with a room dedicated to amateur radio education and communications activities.  The large hall and surrounding grounds open up a range of activities including radio classes, promotion of  amateur radio, and collaboration with the community.  The NERG joins the Banyule Emergency Response team for Communications as part of the tenure.

This is one of Banyule Council's halls with a large seating capacity, a modern kitchen with catering facilities, and new gas heating and evaporative cooling systems.  A level car park without steps eases disabled access from the 126 Mountain View Road car park.  Additional parking is available in Campbell Road behind the hall.  The hall is located on top of the Mountain View Road ridge with excellent VHF/UHF outlook.

Briar Hill Community Hall,
126 Mountain View Road (off Sherbourne Rd.),
Briar Hill.
Melway 21-C3
Click here for a location map


Make a donation to NERG's special project appealNERG is seeking donations to develop it's Amateur Radio Communications and Training Centre.
Funds will be used to purchase training aids and radio equipment for teaching Amateur Radio and Electronics skills to people of all ages, from school age students through to retirees looking for a community based hobby. Banyule Gives is a service that securely manages the donation process for community groups in the Banyule Council region. For more information, go to: www.ourcommunity.com.au/banyulegives/nerg

Previous News

VK3RMH goes QRT:
The VK3RMH beacons and Repeaters are off-air due to relocation activities.
The VK3RMH beacons and repeaters, and the Scouts 2m VK3RSR repeater were shut down and removed from the Wattle Glen tower due to
ever increasing electricity bills and tower lease costs consuming more than half the club’s annual income, even with the generous support
from PWB-Anchor.

VK3RMH was the first 6 metre repeater in Victoria and one of the first in Australia. It ran at another site in Hurstbridge for a few years
before moving to Wattle Glen where it operated for 24 years. A 70cm repeater was added later, and was an early node in the IRLP and
EchoLink networks. About 13 years ago, the 10 metre beacon was installed. Later a 6 metre beacon was added. Both beacons received
good reports from around the world whenever propagation was open.
NERG hopes to relocate the beacons and repeaters to a new (cheaper) location within the club’s geographical area in the near future.

Software Define Digital Radio on a shoestring:
At the December NERG meeting Peter VK3TBN gave a great overview and demonstration of SDR using a cheap USB Digital TV tuner dongle for receiving and analysing radio signals covering the HF, VHF & UHF bands.  Using readily available software, you can not only listen in on all the usual modes such as AM, FM, SSB, CW, but also many of the digital text and voice modes including APCO P25.
The slides from Peters presentation are available here and make a good resource for anyone wanting to experiment with digital radio:
SDR talk VK3TBN 2012.pdf

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Don't miss the NERG Nets - every non-meeting Thursday night on 146.575MHz FM, 8:30-9:30pm.